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On the Original Happy Putter

"I picked one of these up in Okinawa, Japan, the store only had 2 Brainstorm putters; 1 mallet and 1 blade. I pulled the trigger on the mallet. Something about the weighting of the putter . . . I don't really know what it is. I've only played 3 rounds with it. First round I made 6 birdies and my last round I dropped 6 birdies and an eagle, something that I've never done before.


This is the most confident I've ever felt standing over my ball getting ready to putt. I've used all sorts of putters, Scottys, Odysseys, Taylormades etc. . . none of them have come close to the feel that this putter has. The look of the putter is a bit out there but I don't mind. Out of any piece of golf equipment that I've ever purchased, this is probably the best money I've ever spent."   -John Bos

On the Eye Align Series


"P.S. That putter changed my game . . . made everything with it . . . hope the magic is still in it next year . . . we have 6 more months of cold and snow to get through first!"  -Dave Gorzelski, Hubbard Lake (MI) Golf Shop