The Easiest Putter to Align


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The Easiest Putter to Align


$129.99  NOW $99.99

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Most golfers don't line up correctly on the greens

At Happy Putter, we've tested hundreds of tour players, club pros, instructors and everyday golfers and found that fewer than 1% of them line up accurately.

If you're one of the 99%, that means you're adding strokes to your score every round. Maybe a lot of strokes.

Line Up Right,

Make More Putts

The new Eye Align Series was specifically designed to help golfers line up accurately, hole more putts and lower their scores.


“Lexi Thompson has a new putter in the bag at this week’s season-opening Pure Silk-Bahamas Classic. It’s called the Happy Putter, and it’s unique in that the alignment aids are interchangeable. Stacy Lewis used one in 2016.

“I just needed a little alignment change,” said Thompson.

There’s merit to a fresh look, Lewis noted, something different that causes the eyes to focus more. As the last American player to be ranked No. 1 and win LPGA Player of the Year, Lewis’ opinions regarding her peers hold clout. She looks at the logjam of players who are vying for the top spot and sees one in particular who could separate from the pack – Thompson.”

-Beth Ann Nichols, Golfweek


“Tried this cool looking putter this weekend and only missed two putts under 6 feet. Many times you miss that two footer or even one footer but the eye arrow alignment thing keeps me on a direct line. Had played blade putters because of habit and tradition but decided to try one of these after reading a good review in Golf Digest. I can tell the difference and besides that it looks great! Many compliments. After the round, one guy said ‘Be careful, I might steal that putter from you.’”

Fix Your Alignment




NOW $99.99

Free U.S. Shipping


Risk Free


If the Eye Align does not improve your putting aim, return it to us in resaleable condition within 30 days and we will refund your money

What Do You See Best?

To most golfers, good putting seems simple: If you line up accurately and control distance consistently, you’re going to putt well.


Easier said than done. Each one of us is unique, so every golfer – every person actually – has different visual preferences.  Some see color best, some black and white; some prefer thick lines or thin lines or even SHAPES.


The Eye Align is the only putter on the market that allows golfers to dial in their alignment and distance control based on their own unique, personal tendencies.


Eye Align mallets and blades feature interchangeable alignment guides so that golfers can learn their natural alignment tendencies and determine what works best for them, allowing them to see the line better, line up accurately and make more putts.


Improved Aim


 Each putter comes with three different alignment guides 

Choose the guide that’s right for you using our Visual Diagnostic Test (included). The test is a quick and simple step-by-step way to find out how accurately you line up.


Simply by choosing stronger options among the different alignment guides and eliminating weaker ones, the test determines your visual preferences for color, black and white, thick lines, thin lines and shapes.


You’ll be amazed how much your alignment changes from one guide to the next.

The interchangeable guides also address “Lazy Eye Syndrome” – the idea that when the eyes get used to seeing the same visual cues, they don’t concentrate as much and alignment suffers. New guides allow golfers to refresh their putters on a regular basis, restoring focus.

IN ADDITION, nine other alignment guides are available in different combinations to make sure your alignment is as precise and your eyes are as fresh as possible.


With its industry-exclusive adjustable alignment technology, the

Eye Align is the first putter priced under $100 to feature a game-changing technological advancement in more than a decade.

Better Distance Control

Every golfer also has a natural swing tempo. With the adjustable weighting system found in Eye Align putters, golfers can change heel and toe weights to find the best head weight to match their tempo and dial in distance and speed.

And all these innovations come in an impressive tour-quality club with great feel and true roll that includes a head and face investment cast in 431 stainless steel, a precision oversized grip and a beautiful, durable PVD finish.


Eye Align Series features

  • Two styles: mallet and blade

  • Adjust two major aspects of your putter: alignment and weight

  • Three interchangeable alignment guides

  • Four weights included: Two standard (5g each) and two heavy (15g each)

  • Head/face investment cast in 431 stainless steel

  • Face is laser-etched

  • Precise-feedback oversize grip

  • Adjustment wrench included

  • Head cover included

  • “Visual Diagnostic Test” included

  • Mallet head weight (without weights): 362g

  • Blade head weight (without weights): 349g

  • Loft angle: 3.5 degrees

  • Shaft angle: 71 degrees (standard)

  • USGA conforming

Seen on Amazon


“Really good putter, weight and sight options for customer customization.”


“My husband absolutely loved it. He keeps showing it off over and over.”


Great putter!”

Fix Your Alignment


Risk Free


If the Eye Align does not improve your putting aim, return it to us in resaleable condition within 30 days and we will refund your money




Now $99.99

Free U.S. Shipping


Happy Putters were developed by putter guru VIKASH SANYAL and his team of golf-industry veterans at Brainstorm Golf.


Vikash has played key roles in the development of some of the most successful putters the golf industry has ever known, for some of its most well-known companies.


Vikash works extensively with tour players, club professionals, teaching pros and designers. He has tested and improved the putting alignment of hundreds of pro and amateur golfers.

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