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Make more putts. Putt happy :)

Get all the adjustability the pros have - without your own tour van.

Custom-fit your putter any time you want for any condition. Fast greens, slow greens, grainy greens, no problem. Trying a new putter stance? No problem. Pulling or pushing your putts?  We got that covered.

"It’s easy to tweak loft, lie angle, offset and weight to fit your stroke—so many options mean it can work for just about any stroke or ability level. Plus, the feel through the swing and at impact can be genuinely enjoyable."  -Golf.com

"The best putter I have ever owned and I currently have over 15 putters!"  - Qabaniso Lupafya, Worcester, MA

Putting conditions change, putting strokes change, now your putter can change also. With three different offset options, three different lie options, three different loft options and three different sets of weights, rest assured knowing the putter you need will be in your bag. It's even reversible.

Every time you play you can be custom fit, just like the pros. Adjustments are simple to make and intuitive, and all made using a single tool (included).


Pick your shaft length and choose from two styles (mallet or blade), two face options (green or silver), four grip options (two standard/two pistol) and two shaft options (straight or S bend).

Two face options

Four grip options

mallet inverted nb.jpg

Two styles

Mallet or Blade

Shaft lengths

33" - 34" - 35"

blade inverted nb.jpg

Two shaft options

The Happy Putter features an aluminum face pressed against a polyurethane loft shim that provides the perfect balance of feel and feedback to optimize distance control.  The blue anodized finish is not only beautiful and unique, but also extremely durable.  The custom over-sized grip feels great in your hands no matter what grip style you prefer.

“Received my mallet putter yesterday and thought it would be kind of small and not quality machined.  I was so wrong. Played today with it set up as it came and loved it. I didn't make every putt I hit but I made a lot more than I normally do. The misses were me, but if I hit it on line it stayed there. The machining and fit of everything is aircraft quality. I really can’t believe the quality of this. When I would get up on the green to putt, and ask what time it was, my playing partners would say ‘Happy Time.’ This is really not a ‘play it up’ review – I mean everything I am saying.” 

 – Danny Ward, Daphne, AL

“The blade just arrived today and I played with the myriad adjustments and found they made a big difference. It was fascinating to play with the adjustments. It makes a great sound off the head. Love it so much I decided I needed the mallet too. Amazingly clever design. Wow."

– Ray Frosti, Westerly, RI

"Out of any piece of golf equipment that I've ever purchased, this is probably the best money I've ever spent." 

John Bos

USGA Conforming

Head cover and all accessories included 




"I picked one of these up in Okinawa, Japan, the store only had 2 Brainstorm putters; 1 mallet and 1 blade. I pulled the trigger on the mallet. Something about the weighting of the putter . . . I don't really know what it is. I've only played 3 rounds with it. First round I made 6 birdies and my last round I dropped 6 birdies and an eagle, something that I've never done before."

"This is the most confident I've ever felt standing over my ball getting ready to putt. I've used all sorts of putters, Scottys, Odysseys, Taylormades etc. . . none of them have come close to the feel that this putter has. The look of the putter is a bit out there but I don't mind. Out of any piece of golf equipment that I've ever purchased, this is probably the best money I've ever spent."  -John Bos

What do Happy Putter users say?

“This putter has changed the putting paradigm. Automatic within five feet, it particularly shines in that intermediate range (from 5 to 25 feet), and also helps get it close on lag putts. Frames the ball well, and allows you to fine tune the putter to your stroke. How can you not putt well with this thing?”  -Thomas Ducey

The Original Happy Putter


NOW $179.99

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Risk Free

If you are unsatisfied with your Happy Putter, return it to us in resaleable condition within 30 days and we will refund your money

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Happy Putters were developed by putter guru VIKASH SANYAL and his team of golf-industry veterans at Brainstorm Golf.


Vikash has played key roles in the development of some of the most successful putters the golf industry has ever known, for some of its most well-known companies.


Vikash works extensively with tour players, club professionals, teaching pros and designers. He has tested and improved the putting alignment of hundreds of pro and amateur golfers.

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